ty|ro (tī’rō), n., pl. -ros. a beginner in learning or doing anything; novice. Also, tiro. SYN: neophyte.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Becoming a Parent
I just taught my little brother how to tie his shoes.  This task is difficult to accomplish especially when he, my six year old brother, and I both have the patience of six year olds.  However, it was a task that had to be accomplished, seeing as though my parents have decided to leave parenting up to me.  I’ve devised a list of things that never would have been allowed thirteen years ago when I was six.

Here it is:
.  Going to bed at 10:30.  An hour earlier than usual.
2.   Continued use of sippy cups.
3.   Refusing to eat strange food items.
4.   Eating fruit snacks before the sacrament.
5.   Cooking a corndog for breakfast.
6.   Asking my mom to wipe my butt for me.  He’s six.  And no, I’m not exaggerating.  There’s definitely something wrong with this one.  It’s a crisis that gives a whole new meaning to the nickname Ben Dover.

I’ve taken certain items, such as shoe tying, into my own hands. 
Don’t worry about it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have always thought it would be really cool to be a writer or a photographer for National Geographic.  Travel the world.  When people tell about how they went to Hawaii during their latest vacation, it would be pretty alright to be able to tell them about how I spent a summer on the Tibetan Plateau documenting the behavior of wolves indigenous to the area.

Not that there’s anything wrong with The Kahala Hotel.  I simply have bigger plans than that.
 I am going to travel the world.  
It's not as big as it seems.
This one time not too long ago, I drove around by myself for a whole afternoon.  I really like driving when there’s no particular reason to.  I have included some pictures of my adventure.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Undecided Title
Senior year isn’t exactly easy.  To be honest, the school work is close to being as easy as kindergarten.  It just seems as though whoever is in charge of throwing life challenges at people decided to throw a few bowling balls at me.  The pathetic thing is, there really isn’t anything inherently wrong with my life.  The future makes me anxious- college, moving out, everything- there’s so much to think about.  I’m trying really hard to get on to a college swim team.  In a few months, I’ll be done with high school, and as far as I can gather, my life will never be the same. 
      To top things off, I really miss my best friend.  I miss her so much. 
For more than a year, I was friends with someone who got me like nobody else ever has.  We could talk about anything, make any day a good day, and be a best friend like neither of us had ever had before.  Our friendship was something ridiculously awesome.
I miss her.
Well that’s it people (all or the, let me check, one people following my blog).  I hurt.  I miss her.  I wonder if she misses me. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Undying Desire to Beat Someone Up
            I’m not entirely sure whether or not it’s completely normal to have the desire to beat someone up.  I’ve never been in a real fight.  If I were to fill out a resume with the intention of filling an empty bar fighting position, the only past experience I could honestly include would be that I have lightly boxed one of my friends a few times.
            I really want to beat someone up.  As you can probably guess, this is a new development for me.  Before you label me as an insensitive playground jerk, hear me out.  I would never beat up that short kid with freckles whose mom writes love notes on his lunch bag.  I always thought that kid was pretty cool.  So what if his mom expresses her love to him daily via sharpie.  I want to beat up the kid who beat up Freckle Boy.
            I want to beat up that guy who emotionally abuses his girlfriend; the guy whose playful name calling seems to be secretly hiding a controlling grasp on her individuality.
            I’m probably not the only person out there who wants to be honestly and desperately needed in some way.  I would define this as a “Hero Urge.”  My current Hero Urge is manifested as the desire to punch.  Whether or not I will end up actually punching is unknown.  Just take note of this imminent compulsion. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011